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Your product is your baby…

And it deserves the best of care and consideration.


Adding a touch of fun

Because fun is awesome.

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A bold flatlay

That makes a statement!

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Or seeing it in real life..

can really help make the difference.


Leaving lots of negative space

so you can add your own text and graphics!


Or simple touches…

that bring out the best in your product.


Getting creative…

with color and shadow (ooooohhhhh….ahhhhhh)….

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Or taking the minimalist route

because you can’t go wrong with white!

What I do for Your Products?

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 How I help…

First, I will chat with you to find out more about your brand and what products you are looking to have photographed. I like to know what you have envisioned, what shots you want, and ultimately how you plan on using those photos. I will follow up with a detailed questionnaire and from there, I will…

  • create a shoot plan and mood board for your products

  • identify if any additional props will be needed to achieve your shoot goals (these will be added to your invoice)

  • shoot a number of different images per your package selection based on the shoot plan

  • Deliver high resolution images with commercial usage rights via online gallery for easy downloading.

  • If selected, deliver an Instagram 9-Grid showing you how you can best use your images on social media


 Are you ready to book this thing?

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What you get…

Styled Product Images


  • 10 styled high-resolution images selected from online gallery after shoot


  • 25 styled high-resolution images selected from online gallery after shoot

  • Instagram 9-Grid


  • 50 styled high-resolution images selected from online gallery after shoot

  • Instagram 9-Grid

Lifestyle Add-On

Want lifestyle images of your products being used or modeled? Get in touch for a custom quote for lifestyle images.

Instagram 9-Grid Examples

Instagram 9 Grid Example.jpg
Instagram 9 Grid Example2.jpg

How You Can Use your Product Photos?

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Etsy Shops

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Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 1.19.25 PM.png



Click here for more awesome Product Photos 

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Can I tell you which shots I want?

Of course! I work with you prior to the shoot to come up with a shoot plan. I make sure I list out your must-have photos, and will ask you questions to make sure we don’t miss anything.

How can I use the images?

Your fee comes with a commercial usage license allowing you permission to use the photos on your website and social media outlets.

How will the images be delivered?

I use an protected online gallery for which you will be able to view and download your images!

What if I want more images than are included in the gallery?

No problem! Any images you want, beyond what is already included in your package is available to purchase at an additional rate.

Do you do lifestyle photos?

Yes, I can do lifestyle shots, but the process is a tad more involved. You know, gotta find models or space or specific locations…but they can be pretty sweet. Contact me directly to get a quote!

What if I don’t have an ideas on what I like?

Thats okay! I will help develop some ideas based on your current brand, what your drawn to and what will work best for your particular products.

How long does it take to receive my images?

Typically it takes 1-2 weeks from when I received your products. If you need the photos beforehand just let me know and I will try and accommodate special requests like that.

What about props?

I have a good stock of props that I will try and reuse for your shoot. However, many shoots require speciality props such as fresh flowers, or items that I don’t already have. I can purchase those items to include in your shoot and include that cost in your invoice.

How do I get you my products?

After we’ve signed a contract and established a shoot plan, you will send me the products to be photographed. If you require the items to be shipped back I will add that cost into your invoice.

Are there tiny magical unicorns that live in your camera performing all the magic?

Just wanted to see if you were still reading! But no, unfortunately unicorns are mythical creatures and it has taken me several years to perfect my craft.

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