McCorkendale Family // Lincoln MA Family Session

The McCorkendale Family was referred to me by one of their neighbors who I worked with over the summer. They are both military families and live on-base near Boston. After contacting me we threw around some thoughts on location and settled on the Hartwell Tavern, which is part of the Minuteman National Park. I've actually been to this park before, but not to the Hartwell Tavern. This was a perfect spot because it had a mix of architecture and nature which could be easily incorporated into the shoot. The timing was perfect too - just at the golden hour, so we got wonderful colors and great lighting! 

Sometimes working with families can be tough. Especially when you have a kiddo that may not be standing quite yet. So I tried to focus on candids of the little one with mom and dad, while also adding fun 'games' for the older kiddo. This way, it doesn't necessarily feel so posed and stiff throughout the session! Their outfits were perfect too. They had one bright colors, but in a way that did not overwhelm. I may use this as a good example for future clients :)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into this family session. It was so great working with them! <3