Lerner Concierge | Branding Session


My clients are killing their sessions! All of them are so amazing, including this one - with Danni Lerner, owner of Lerner Concierge where she takes care of ALL THINGS! Literally all the things. Well all the things on your to-do list. Need her to make a meal plan? Check! Need someone to help with holiday shopping? Check! Need someone to research AND book your next vacation? Check!

She pretty much is your personal assistant. And we worked her session so that we highlighted some of the main things she does - organizing, food prep and planning, research and travel, and also shopping! And that is how we planned her session. We wanted to showcase as much of her offerings as possible. While she does WAY more than this, we felt it would hit close to home to many of her ideal clients!

You can learn more about Lerner Concierge HERE.

Location: Newton MA

HMUA: Trueyoumakeup

Styling: Jenny

Hope you enjoyed looking through her sesh!

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