Some Stellar Interiors and Why I Love Them


I love photographing interiors. Partly because I just love working with other creatives, but also, I love seeing beautiful spaces come to life. Here I showcase some of my recent projects and why I love the spaces so much + PLUS some of the shooting challenges I experienced while on-site.

Bathroom Reno

Designer: Healy Interiors

What I Love: I love the clean and bright look that Emily created in this space. The use of simple white vanity allowed for a nice contrast with the flooring.

Challenge: This space was a little tiny, so I had to cram myself into the tub (look in the mirror to see it) to get the white shot!


Living Room/Kitchen

Designer: Pam Guyer

What I Love: I love the mix of beachy decor with contemporary fixtures.

Challenge: We shot midday so the lighting was somewhat harsh. In some cases I merged 2-3 images together to get the proper result.

Family Room-6.jpg

Dining Room/Living Room

Designer: House of Paige

What I Love: The pop of color Candace used to help delineate the office nook space! Plus she did a great job creating storage in the kitchen island and next to the TV.

Challenge: Color cast - there was some color casting from the differing colors in the spaces which I had to mitigate in post.

57 L Street-0041.jpg
57 L Street-0015.jpg
57 L Street-0046.jpg
57 L Street-0053.jpg
57 L Street-0066.jpg
57 L Street-0058.jpg

Bathroom Reno

Designer: Healy Interiors

What I Love: The use of reclaimed wood for this vanity were AMAZING, along with the black accents. LOVE IT.

Challenge: Again, this space was tiny so I crammed myself into the shower stall to get the wide shot.

Upstairs Bath-0005.jpg
Upstairs Bath-0010.jpg
Upstairs Bath-0011.jpg

Kitchen Reno

Designer: Healy Interiors

What I Love: Farmhouse Sink mixed with modern cabinetry.

Challenge: Making sure the true colors of the design were reflected in the final edited images.