My Favorite Breather Spaces to Use for Photoshoots

One of my dreams would be to have a studio - one where I could just come and go as I please, that is beautifully designed, with TONS of natural light. But that day has not come, and may never come, so in the meantime, I shoot on location (or in my basement, which is awful) and make do with what I can! I’ve found that to be successful as a photographer, you have to be able to shoot in a variety of situations, lighting conditions and spaces. That being said, I’ve shot at several Breather Spaces in the city and wanted to call out a few of my favorite ones!

1) 115 Newbury Street

This shoot was for a branding session with Fashionably Kate and Co. to help her create content for her blog and social accounts. This space was great. Here are some of the details which I loved:

  • Big Bay Windows

  • Separate small office area

  • Couch for lounge-style seating

  • White walls

Here are some images from her shoot - and you can see why I loved it so much!

Kate Branding-0060.jpg
Kate Branding-0046.jpg
Kate Branding-0119.jpg
Kate Branding-0081.jpg

2) 374 Congress Street

This space was amazing. It is a huge space and has lots of different options for shooting. A few of the reasons I loved it are:

  • White brick walls

  • Huge windows and LOTS of them

  • Separate couch area

  • Fun colorful decor and walls

I rented the space for a myself and another photographer to actually shoot eachother! As photographers we also need content of ourselves and this space was so much fun to work in!

Alex Branding-1311.jpg
Jessie Branding-4427.jpg
Jessie Branding-4140.jpg
Jessie Branding-4014.jpg
Alex Branding-1499.jpg
Alex Branding-1141.jpg

3) 50 Congress Street, 10th Floor, Suite 1022

This space was a little darker than I had preferred but it was still an awesome space. Photographer TIP: Bring extra lighting if you plan on shooting here. But a few things I loved about this space:

  • Separate office space that allowed for unique ‘peek’ shots

  • Couch

  • Lots of Windows

  • Easily movable tables

I had a branding session with a Business Coach in this space and it worked perfectly mostly because the decor in the space actually matched her branding colors! Yay! Here are some photos from that session in this space.


There you have it, a few of my favorite Breather Spaces to Shoot at in Boston. If you want to book a shoot, please do not hesitate to get in touch! If you are a photographer and have a question about a space - happy to help answer if I can!