NEW Bold Gift Stock Collection

This stock collection was so much fun to create. I was inspired by a real Brand, Sukeban Creative, for this collection. Stephanie, the owner of Sukeban Creative reached out to me for some photography services related to her ready-to-ship gifts. As we were talking she said she was updating her website and had such a hard time finding images that resonated with her brand. I saw this as an opportunity to create a collection inspired by her brand that not only SHE could use, but that I could sell to other creatives that may also have troubling finding images with these colors/tones. Yes, this collection is bold, but fun and creative - perfect ro Sukeban, but also for any brand that is in the creative world, in the gifting industry or just loves POPS of pink and yellow!

If you think I could create a styled stock photo that is inspired by your brand, please get in touch! I would love to see what I can do!

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