How to Incorporate Your Brands Colors into your Next Photo Session

A brand is a visual identity. It is comprised of colors, fonts, typefaces, and other elements that help one identify a brand entity. Today, I’m going to talk to you about color.

When thinking about or planning a photography shoot for your brand, one thing you want to think about is your brands colors and how to integrate those colors into your visual content.

 One thing I do with all my branding clients is have them fill out an in-depth questionnaire that informs me what their brands colors are, or in cases where they haven’t identified brand colors as of yet, what colors resonate with their brand. This is because I wan to ensure the visual content I create for my clients will be reflective of their brand and consistent with other platforms which utilize their brands colors.

 For example if your brands colors are pink, blue and grey, I want to ensure we incorporate those colors either in your outfit, photo stories, or prop styling.

 Here are a few examples of how I included my client’s branding colors into their session.

1)   Mia – her brand colors are black, pink and yellow. Rather than have her wear these bright colors, we incorporate props that were her brand’s colors. Throughout her session, these colors are present resulting in visual content that is recognizable and consistent.


2)   Kate – her brand colors are black and light pink. She always has pink hair and regularly wears pink. So we planned a few outfits that included pink, but also had several props that were also pink.

Kate Branding-0004.jpg
Kate Branding-0016.jpg
Kate Branding-0117.jpg

3)   Ahfeeya – her brand colors are also shades of pink, dark blue and black. We incorporated her colors by using a subtle shade of pink in her wardrobe along with props that were neutral or black.  


4)  Location

Other ways in which color is taken into consideration is location. For example, Mia’s shoot was held in a Breather Space that had pops of pink accessories that matched her brand exactly!

Similarly, Kate rented a breather space that had wonderful pink décor that fit her feminine brand


As you can see, there are a few key ways in which you can incorporate your brand’s colors to your next photoshoot. The trick is planning ahead. Many photographers, including Jessie would recommend at least 2-3 weeks planning prior to your desired session date.

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