See George Jump Off a Bridge + Much More! // The Pacific Northwest

Our trip to the Pacific Northwest this last February had a lot of 'firsts' for the both of us.

Which was awesome because I really enjoy experiencing new adventures with George, and now we both are in love with the Pacific Northwest.   

Our trip was originally planned as a ski trip to Whistler, but since flights were super cheap to Seattle, we decided to make the trip a bit longer and explore more ground in the PNW. I had actually been to Seattle once before and loved it. So, I was happy to be going back with George this time. But our stay was going to be brief - just one night. But we met up with a few friends who also flew into Seattle that weekend, watched the Superbowl with a bunch of Seahawk fans, and strolled along the market and waterfront the next morning. Then we headed north to Whistler, BC, Canada. But not before forgetting our $12 smoked scallops in the hotel fridge that we had bought at the market (ugh that still burns my a**). 

Anyways, up the coast to Whistler for my FIRST trip into Canada! I was actually kindof nervous going through Border Control, but it was really easy! The drive from there was absolutey stunning. The highway, called the Sea-to-Sky Highway, hugs the water providing some amazing views. We pulled off a few times so I could get some photos of said views, so it took us a bit longer to get into Whistler. 

We arrived in Whistler and stayed in an AirBnB on the Blackcomb side of the mountain. It was walking distance to the lifts and a fun little bar as well as a few restaurants. We spent 4 days in Whistler, two of which we spent on the mountain and another to do some exploring and hiking. 

Let me tell you about our hike - so it started off with the intention of seeing some local waterfalls. It was a short walk into the park, but on the way we noticed a sign for bungee bridge. Of course I HAD to go see this bridge (because I love bridges) and when we got there we realized "ohhhh, its a real bungee bridge". The workers were actually setting up for the day and let us walk on the bridge. Then we pass one of the workers and he asks in a perfect Australian  access "You jumpin today mate?". Well with that kindof accent and attitude why not! Are you kidding me? I didn't jump, but George took advantage of this opportunity and a few minutes later he was being strapped in and ready to go. To be honest I was nervous for him. But I loved his adventurous spirit and as a good wifey with the camera scooted to the edge for some great shots. It was amazing. 

The rest of the time we spent on the mountain snowboarding and to grab some shots of the beautiful views.  It was actually really tough riding because of the conditions. Really foggy up top, to the point I couldn't even see 3 feet in front of my face, icy in the middle, and finally soft on the bottom. But we made the best of it. I mean it was both our FIRST time to Whistler snowboarding in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. We really loved our time there and hope to go back some day. 

The urban planner in me couldn't go to the PNW without staying in Vancouver. It has been touted as one of the best designed cities with great transportation and open space for the city's dense populations. So of course I was super stoked to be staying there for two nights. We didn't have a lot of time so we focused on the big must-dos - Stanley Park, the Seawall, and the Gastown District. The city was super pedestrian friendly, and their public transportation was awesome. We even went across to North Vancouver by SeaBus! Yup, a super fast ferry that put Boston's transportation to shame (sorry MBTA). We didn't get to experience much of the nightlife in Vancouver but did go to a comedy club. It was so much fun! Especially since the comedian's picked on Americans - it was hilarious to see it from their perspective. 

After Vancouver we headed back to Seattle to catch the red-eye back to Boston. We stopped at a park in Washington to take in the views one last time. It really was such a beautiful state with wonderful sights. I cannot wait to go back again. 

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our vacation to the PNW!

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