Photography 101: Make Your Photos Better // Workshop on April 21, 2018

Who out there would like to make your photos look better? Maybe you are a social media guru and just need better content? Or perhaps you just want to get better snapshots of the kiddos? Or maybe you are an aspiring photographer who is looking to get more serious with your craft? 

Well if you d, then I'm hosting a workshop on April 21, 2018 that is perfect for you! 


I didn't always take good photos, but when I look back from where I started I'm pretty proud on how much I'm improved! And I know what if I can make this kind of progress, I know others can too! Just look at my improvement over the years - yikes -  2013 vs 2017....oh the color in the left is just...tooo warm...smh. 

Bertone Before_After2.jpg

Honestly I'm thrilled my clients even booked me back in the day. I mean the photo on the left isn't completely terrible, but I knew I could do better! 

So I did the following to try an improve:

  • Bought books on photography
  • Googled photography tutorials
  • Watched YouTube Videos
  • Continued to practice

But one thing that truly helped me is taking full control of my camera and once I did I really started seeing my photos improve. 

A simple tip, backlight your subjects. Full sun in the face creates terrible shadows and squinting. The photo on the left is much more evenly lit and she is not having to squint when looking at the camera. I also learned about white balance - AKA the color temp of photos - again the one of the left is way too warm  - the one on the right is just perfect!


Same thing here - although both girls are backlit in each scenario the color temp is just way off. Plus I had no idea what I was doing with editing. Lord help me. 

It took me a while to really understand how to work my camera but once I did I finally started making progress. That is what I want to teach in my workshop - how I shoot and what it took to get me where I am today. 

In Photography 101: Make Your Photos Better you will be on your way to making progress. You will learn camera basics and jump into learning Manual - yes you need to take control people! You will learn shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and HOW these things affect your images. To do this, I will get you shooting - we will have fun styling boards where you will photograph and I will work with you to get that perfect shot - is it too dark? Okay lets fix that. Too yellow? Okay I can help. Not sharp? Okay let's figure it out! I want you to leave with tools in hand to troubleshoot these common issues so that you can really focus on the fun part - getting great images. I will also take a brief dive into photo editing - because it really does help put the final touches on your photos. 

You will need a camera for this class, a DLSR is preferred. Most modern point & shoots are also very capable so feel free to get in touch if you are wondering whether it will work for the class. 

I hope to see you there - oh and if you bring a friend you get a discount :) 

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