Cait + Tim // Wights Farm Wedding, Sturbridge, MA

Hello wedding season 2018! I had the pleasure of working with Cait and Tim to kick-off my 2018 wedding season and it was amazing! I actually met Cait and Tim back in November last year to shoot their engagement session and I immediately fell in love with the two of them! Tim is just a goofball and you can see Cait just absolutely adores him. They actually remind me a lot of my own relationship with my husband so I think that is one of the reasons I enjoyed working with them so much. 

Their wedding took place on April 14th in Sturbridge, MA at The Barn at Wights Farm. It was a great spot and we lucked out with the weather (being April in New England)! Although it did end up getting fairly chilly in the evening we had pretty warm weather to get photos outside. I loved everything about their wedding and I'm so thrilled to have been part of their special day!

Cheer to Cait and Tim  - I wish you both the best <3 

Venue: The Barn at Wights Farm, Sturbridge, MA

Hair & Makeup: Simple Indulgence Salon, Fiskdale, MA

DJ: First Class Weddings

Flowers: Lady Slipper Designs, Sturbridge, MA

Invitation Suite: Minted

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