Personal Branding Photography // Boston, MA

I recently started offering Personal Branding Photography for professionals, creatives, entrepreneur, to highlight and showcase their brand, style and story. Today, we have a brave new world of individuals that have decided to take the independent employment path - and who 1within the corporate world. As part of this process these individuals have carved out their niche forming a brand that is as unique as they are. And, as visual content becomes more and more relevant to promoting and marketing a brand, quality images and professional photos are equally as important.

That is where Personal Branding Photography comes in! As a branding client, I work very close with with you to create visual content and stories that reflect your personality and style that will support and reflect your brand. This visual content can be used in a variety of ways including for your website, social media and marketing. 

I currently offer two Personal Branding session packages to get you on your way to having beautiful content that you can use on Facebook, Instagram, Websites, LinkedIn, etc. It starts with a very detailed questionnaire where I will get to the heart of your brand. From there, I generate a mood board which will help us shape your session details - including refining the stories you want to tell and where the shoot will take place! Its a very hands-on process and I am with you through each and every step. 

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