What Headshot is Best for You?

The time has come, you need a headshot…queue the anxiety! Believe it or not, having a plan about your headshot session will help relive some of the stress - so today I’m going to help you understand which type of headshot is best for you!

Quite frankly most of this question depends on what you need it for! Is it for your LinkedIn profile? Does your company need one for you? Are you being featured in a magazine or newspaper? Are you going to use it on Facebook? What about a dating profile? All these different needs may help you understand what is the right headshot type for you!

Corporate Use

If you consider yourself to be working in ‘big (or little) corporate america’ the more formal and traditional headshot is likely your best bet. This would involve a neutral backdrop, likely indoors and with business/business casual dress. These type of shots are great for your LinkedIn profile and company use.

Arcadis Headshots-5064.jpg
Arcadis Headshots-5428.jpg
Cross Insurance-0031.jpg


If you are an entrepreneur and don’t necessarily fall under ‘big corporate America’ a more natural headshot would be a great choice. This could be with or without a professional backdrop but still showcase a sense of professionalism and poise. These are also appropriate for your LinkedIn profile, but are also great options if you are going to be featured in a magazine or professional publication. For these, you can still dress business/business casual but don’t be afraid to dress down just a tad more - because as an entrepreneur you are able to wear what you want (for the most part ;) )



While entrepreneurs also fall into this category, branding-like headshots are meant to showcase you and your brand. Your personality starts to show through in these types of images and are perfect if you have a need to create connections with your online and social audience. These can still be used in LinkedIn profiles but are best used in social medial channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

Kate Branding-0031.jpg
Kate Branding-0094.jpg

Hopefully this will help you understand that there are a variety of options when it comes to your headshot session! When thinking about what you want or need for your session - ask yourself what is the end goal for these images - for corporate use, go more traditional - for entrepreneurship, go a bit more natural and stick with an office or indoor space, and for branding, go with something that matches your personality and style!