Iowa Trip // November 2018


Every year I go back to visit family in Iowa - usually before or in between the holidays as traveling from Boston near thanksgiving or christmas can be super expensive. Plus, I come from a very large blended family and who tends to scatter on those days. Nearly all the adult children are married so we now have in-laws, nieces, nephews, etc. so traveling before the holidays gives me more time to spend with my immediate family.

We had really nice weather surprisingly so we tried to spend as much time outside. One day we went to the park and played with my niece and nephew. Well George ran them around and I snapped photos. One thing I love about these types of photos is that they are truly authentic. Yes, the lighting was horrible because these were taken midday, but seeing real life play out in the camera is pretty amazing.

My niece Brylee and nephew Drasen are growing like crazy. It seems like just yesterday they were wee lil babes. But they are also so much fun. Brylee is such a sweetie and full of emotions, which can result is some serious drama from time to time, but can also make you laugh and smile. Drasen is a lil more quiet, but has a sense of humor all of his own. He’s a free spirit and doesn’t care what others think. He also has these beautiful eye that when you look at him, its like looking into a beautiful old soul.

I just adore them. Thank you Jamie and Jeff for letting me be such a big part in their lives. George and I adore you and the kiddos and can’t wait to see you guys again!