Product Photography // Boston, MA

Product photography is a lot of fun and I love working with commercial clients.  However, they are a bit challenging because each need is so different and I really have to get creative to ensure I deliver the best possible results that also meets the clients needs. 

While these may seem like fairly straightforward shots, I really worked close with the company reps to get them what they wanted. For this product shoot, the client wanted a plain white backdrop to feature their bottles (for sale) on the website. I find that many times plain white photos can look very flat, so I worked in artificial lights (flash) to give the photos more pop and dimension. They needed  basic front and back photos but then gave me creative freedom to shoot a few others at my discretion in which they could use those photos on other areas of their website and social media.

I do love how they turned out and hope to get more work like this soon!

If you have a project in mind or need product photography, please get in touch!