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How many of you know what “Personal Branding Photography” is? Well simply put, it is a genre of photography that focuses (no pun intended) on creating visual content that represents someone’s personal brand or business brand. Let’s face it, we live in a extremely visually-oriented world and we make so many decisions based on what we see and how it makes us feel when we look at it. This is not a new concept - marketers and advertisers have always used visual content to appeal to their audiences, and now with the access we have through social media, soloprenures, entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, influencers, etc., have been able to take the power of visual content and share it instantly with their intended audiences around the world.

So why should I care about personal branding photography? To be honest - if you want to keep up with the growing competition online and to set yourself apart from others, it is extremely important to have a robust library of high quality content that represents your brand.

What do you mean by content? Well, I mean photos for instagram, your website, your facebook, your blog posts, your LinkedIn, etc. And the subject of the content is very specific to your brand. It could be lifestyle photos if you are lifestyle blogger, it could mean more headshots or photos of yourself, it could mean taking photos of recipes you’ve made, or photos that showcase a one-on-one coaching session. It really depends on what your brand is and what your audience needs to see.

What could I expect from a personal branding session with Jessie Wyman Photography?

1) It all starts with you! I get to know you through a series of conversations that are fueled by your responses in a detailed questionnaire I email to you. I want to know about you, your business, your social accounts, what types of imagery you are looking to create, what colors represent your brand, what the mood of your brand is, etc.

2) I create a mood board for your session. This mood board will serve as inspiration for us to develop location(s) for your session, what types of photo-stories you want to tell, what outfits we should consider as well as other props to be included.

Mood Board_Page_2.jpg

3) We will set a date and location for the shoot

4) We will shoot! If your package includes hair & makeup we will start there. And the amount of time we will actually shoot also depends on what package you’ve selected.

5) Photo reveal! This is my favorite part. I will meet with you to reveal your images and help you select which ones you will keep. I know most people are used to just receiving a gallery of images, but I want to make sure you are confident in your final selection of images and I’m also there to help you envision how best to use those images. If you are a shop owner or have physical space - you can also order prints of your work through me!

Below is a sneak peek into Kate’s branding session for her blog Fashionably Kate & Co. At Fashionably Kate & Co, Kate writes about her travels, life, fashion and her dedication towards women’s empowerment. With a background in journalism and experience as a TV producer, Kate has a knack for telling her story as well as other’s through her amazing interview skills and upbeat and inviting personality. She is an up and coming Boston influencer and loves to share her experiences at the local and global scenes. She is a world traveler, has taken flight lessons and is a wonderful momma to her two furbabies! Please don’t forget to follow her at @fashionablykateandco and show her some love!

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