The 'Baby Jet' // Hanscom Field, Bedford MA

My dad is a pilot - pretty cool right? He's been flying ever since I've been born, and even longer than that. Really, its all he has done his entire life. When we were young, many of his trips were long hauls, which meant my mom had to stay home with 4 little ones sometimes for weeks on-end. Which now looking back must have been crazy, but I didn't seem to mind :) 

So over the years he has flown for a few different airlines and piloted many different jets some of which are very large aircraft. I recently flew to California on the Airbus A321, a newer plane. It was beautiful and pretty big! Of course after I sent my dad a picture of the plane he said "oh yes, I got to fly that one while in China!"

But most recently has taken a job as Captain for a small outfit out of Des Moines Iowa. This is a big change from what he was used to, mostly in the is...well...'cute' :) Its much smaller than the jets he piloted in the past and therefore we have dubbed it "The Baby Jet". Although,  it's still pretty amazing to see in person. Whats even better is he has clients out in Boston - which means more lunch dates with good ol dad :)