Bertone Girls // Old Silver Beach - Falmouth MA

This is my 4th year photographing the Bertone girls! Each year we go to the beach and capture them in their newest white dresses for some fun in the sun! This year we went to Old Silver Beach in Falmouth. The weather was perfect and the water was actually pretty warm (for New England standards). However, the beach was PACKED. Even at 4PM it was super busy. So I was careful in selecting a spot that would carve out a space of our own. I think it worked out pretty well!

If you don't know already, my favorite way to shoot is candidly. The Bertone girls nailed it for me. They love the beach - although I think their mom worries through the whole session about the undertow (which I can't necessarily blame her). So we keep a watchful eye, but just let them do them! 

It has been amazing watching them grow the past 4 years! They are becoming such amazing little humans :) 

Enjoy friends!