Sheila + Patrick // Hingham MA Wedding

I had met Sheila and Patrick a week prior to the wedding to photograph a small ceremony at the hospital so her father (who had been battling congestive heart failure) could be part of their wedding. It was a very intimate and loving ceremony which I was honored to be a part of. He passed two days after the hospital ceremony. You can view that post here

To be honest, it was hard to see them again a week later at their scheduled venue, but I was happy to be part of another day filled with love and family support. While I my heart was heavy, I did my best to ensure they had a wonderful, memorable experience. This time, the ceremony & reception was held at the Scarlett Oak Tavern in Hingham, MA. Again it was very intimate with closest friends and family present. After a simple and sweet ceremony, we went outside to take some family and bride/groom portraits.

Sheila was absolutely stunning, and Patrick looked amazing in his uniform. While my time with them was one of the most challenging from an emotional standpoint, I feel so lucky to be able to capture some of these amazing moments and memories for them. As I mentioned in my previous post, it really reminds me how important my job as a photographer is, but makes me love it that much more. 

Cheers to Sheila and Patrick. I wish you all the best in the future <3