We went West //Discovering Southern California

In typical photographer fashion, I took a bazillion photos while on our week-long vacation to Southern California. And in case you wanted to know what we did - I wrote about it below! 

George had never been to California - well let me correct that. He's been to Long Beach, for a hot second, just to change planes when we went to Salt Lake City a few years ago. So this was his second time there, and we spent a little more time here than just a layover :) 

We flew into LAX and grabbed the rental car. Since we got in so early due to the time change, we were able to take a leisurely drive down to San Diego! After driving through Long Beach we stopped at Seal Beach for a mid-morning snack and browse shops and take a walk on the pier! Back in the car we stopped in Laguna Beach for lunch at this restaurant that overlooked the beach. We had some amazing shrimp while we watched dolphins play in the ocean nearby (which was amazing!) and then continued down the coast until we got to San Diego. 

We ended up booking a place in Pacific Beach. It was right on the beach, however it ended up being so COLD we couldn't even get in the water. But it was still so beautiful and being right on the beach was still perfect. I loved strolling the boardwalk and dog watching, oh and people watching.  While in San Diego we also visited Coronado Island and the Gaslamp District. We also toured the Midway aircraft carrier. George is a history buff so he loved looking at all the old fighter jets. I have to admit it was pretty neat. We also strolled through Balboa Park which was honestly one of the best maintained parks I've ever been to. Lastly we visited La Jolla which is just north of San Diego. There we got to see the seals - which OMG were adorable. I couldn't get enough. Plus they kindof reminded me of Decoy which made me miss him :( But it was so amazing to see!

After a few days in SD, we headed back north to stay with some family of mine in Long Beach. We got the local tour and also got to view the Hollywood sign! Even though George was adamant about NOT going to downtown LA, we ended up checking out this amazing little market. It reminded me of Faneuil Hall here in Boston. 

Since the weather was literally "the coldest its been all year" George and I then decided to drive to Palm Springs for the last few days we were there. Let me just say I. LOVE. THE. DESERT. First of all we finally got warm weather. Secondly, we stayed as this amazing little oasis of a resort called Sparrows Lodge. Literally was awesome. You walk through the front gate and its like your immediately in your own oasis, away from it all. So serene. Our room didn't even have a TV! But the amenities and care they take in the property was just spectacular. I highly recommend it. Third, George had the BEST caesar salad he's ever had - in his entire life. I should have taken a photo of it, but I was too pooped to bring the camera to dinner. 

While in Palm Springs we also took the tram up the mountain. Lets just say we did not plan well for that. It was about 35 degrees up at the top and we were in flip flops and shorts. But it was gorgeous and the lighting was perfect for taking photos. 

So that pretty much sums up our trip to LA. You will notice I took a lot of photos of the vegetation. Don't ask - I just love it! I wish we could have explore more, but I'm sure we will go back some day!

Enjoy friends!