My Handsome Husband // Halibut State Park

Can I just say how much I love him? Seriously, he is so amazing - and cute, which is totally brownie points for me... But the best part?...he lets me take photos of him pretty much whenever I want...which usually means dragging him out in the dead cold of winter because "I'm bored" (lets face it, its the slow season). 

So there I was, bored, on one cold new england day and I dragged him to Halibut State Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts (not before picking out the outfit for him to wear). This park was an old quarry right along the beach so it is really cool! 

You may be asking "how does she get an amazing smile out of him?". Well friends, its super simple, I just get the frame composed, move my head out from behind the camera and shout "booga wooga!" And he loses it laughing because its totally completely ridiculous. 

A few things about George:

  • He moved to Boston over 10 years ago and has survived being a Bills fan in Patriot country

  • He and Obama share the same birthday

  • He taught me how to snowboard and golf

  • His favorite food is pizza

  • He hates onions

  • His favorite band is Guns & Roses

  • He has worked in the biotech industry for over 10 years