My Family Christmas Shoot

Well friends - we are here. Holiday season is upon us and I'm happy to present: The Wyman Family Christmas Shoot! 

The past few years I've taken out the tripod and dressed the hubby and pup for some photos. Of course we can use these for our Christmas cards, but just like all of YOU - I want photos of my family :) Decoy is now 9 years old, and while he's still got quite a bit of spunk, you never know what can happen with aging pets. I want to make sure I have memories with him. Plus he is adorable and I just can't help myself. 

And of George, who as you probably have seen by now frequents my Instagram page quite often. He's been my supporter from day 1 - so naturally he is now my muse - my model - my "hey can you just stand right there while I test the light" kind-of-guy. But I LOVE capturing his smile and trying to make him laugh. Its something I want to remember - always. 

So about the shoot - this year I decided on North Point Park in Boston. Its a great little spot along the river with nice footpaths and bridges - and some amazing willow trees which I absolutely love. I had saved time for us to do the shoot so when we lucked out with amazing weather and light I was pumped. S

So, we get dressed, pack up the dog and equipment and head out. When we get to North Point Park, I realize its a bit more windy then I would have liked - so I get out to walk around first, to see where I want to set up. I find the spot - go to get the tripod and camera - AND Sh*@ I forgot the tripod! Back to Wakefield to get the tripod....

Take two - drive back to the city, set up shop,  set the camera on timer and shoot away. Of course getting Decoy to look at the camera was a challenge - only took half a dozen tries (and maybe some photoshop magic in post). Hooray - great success!

I know Christmas is still a few days away, and Hanukkah has already past, but I want to wish all my clients a very happy holiday season and amazing New Year!

Location: North Point Park

Decoy's Sweater: Gone to the Dogs, Wakefield, MA