Meghan and Joe ~ Boston Engagement Session

I met Meghan and Joe on one of the coldest days of the year for their engagement session! It was freezing! But, determined, Meghan and Joe showed up ready to take on the elements and make the shoot happen :) They were super easy to work with, and of course they were such an adorable couple. 

The shoot was held at Fan Pier in Boston along the Harbor Walk. This location offers a variety of landscapes, with the city backdrop and nearby park! During the shoot, we took a few breaks so Meghan could warm up in her jacket, but I'm super happy with how the session went and her willingness to brace the cold like she did! But by the end of the session, I think they were just about to go into hypothermia but thankfully their friend showed up with hot coffee :) Plus, warming up with your fiance, with a hot cup of joe, with a beautiful view of Boston makes it all worth it!