Julianna Turns 1 // Lake Quannapowitt, Wakefield MA

So guess what friends?! This family found me via GOOGLE! Yup, I'm now getting google hits which is pretty awesome. Many of you know photography is not my full time job, so dedicating time to SEO is really difficult - let alone I really have no idea what I'm doing. That is why I LOVE my referral clients so much. However, this family was adorable and we were here to celebrate Julianna who had just turned 1. She was actually my second client in a week turning 1, which is a lot of fun because they are so cute at this age. Similar to my last client, I really wanted to get Julianna doing her own thing while capturing some great candids. Of course mom and dad jumped in for a few and she just loved that. She also was totally in love with her stuffed bunny, which was fine with me because the way she walked around with it was just too cute. 

Happy Birthday Julianna <3 You keep doing what you do little lady and you will take on the world.