George Teaches Me Golf

Now that we are happily married, it seemed the next natural step in our relationship was to....teach me to golf! George has been golfing for many years and it has been his go-to sport in the summer, especially when I'm busy photographing weddings or editing photos.

So last Saturday, when it was near 95 degrees here in Boston, he found a nearby (cheap) course, bought my some (cheap) clubs and took me out. Luckily I had bought a skirt last year in hopes that one day I would get to go ;) 

My first drive was embarrassing. But, considering it was super hot and humid there was virtually no one else on the course to laugh at me. By the time I got to the 6th hole I had improved some, actually improved a lot - so much to the point that I had one drive on the green (it was only about 150 yards from the tee box, but still!) and had the chance for my first birdie! Of course I had to ask George what that meant, but it means one under par. Unfortunately, my putting game is not up to par (excuse the pun) and ended up with a bogey (which is one over par). 

I orginially did not think to bring my camera to the course with us, but I was feeling creative and decided to drag it along. It actually came in very useful too because after turning the shutter on high speed and allowing for several shots a second, George was able to analyze his swing! I didn't really care for that, but it was just fun to capture some of our every day life together. Some photographers call it lifestyle photography. I really enjoy this style of photography because it captures real life (or at least an attempt to). I would love to do more of these types of shoots.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into our lives. If you have an idea for a lifestyle shoot, please let me know! I would love to work with you on some creative ideas!