Jax and Jenna

Jax may have been the most handsome Chihuahua I've ever met. Of course I'm obsessed with dogs, but he really melted my heart. Seriously, the guy could not have been any cuter if he tried. He even had an adorable bow-tie collar for the shoot! 

Some dogs can be a bit nervous during shoots, and while Jax was a little afraid of my giant light reflector, he really did amazing. Plus Jenna (his mom) was amazing to work with and her little guy just loves her. The way he looks at her is just so adorable. Dogs have a unique way of telling us they love us. Some show it by bringing us presents (such as a squirrel, or rabbit), or jumping all over us when we return from a long day at work. But dogs like Jax - they can tell you exactly how they feel with those big brown eyes. I loved working on this session and hope you all enjoy the end result!

Jenna is also a wonderful hairstylist! She was able to do a trial for my hairstyle for my upcoming wedding and I recommend her highly! You can see her work here