Scotylee + Andy // Central Massachusetts Wedding

Scotylee & Andy's wedding took please in beautiful Central Massachusetts. The ceremony was held at a gorgeous big white church, and the reception at her parent's amazing home. This part of Massachusetts is near and dear to my heart, partly because my the first place I lived after college was in the Western part of the state, but also because it is a quick escape from the city of Boston. Many Bostonian's (myself now included) quickly forget how gorgeous our own backyard is. And to me, that is what embodied this wedding. While the show was about Scotylee & Andy 'getting hitched',  it was also a time to celebrate the amazing friends and family they have right near their hearts. Sometimes temporarily we can forget or take for granted these people, but when we take the time to celebrate life milestones like these, we are reminded how our own family and friends are there to support us and see us through. 

I hope you enjoy this view into Scotylee & Andy's beautiful wedding. I know they will always be in my memory as one of my favorite couples <3