Lucky the Dog

When Erika inquired about a dog session I was so happy! I love photographing dogs (if you already don't know that about me) and so I was excited to add another session to my portfolio. I suggested the Mattera Cabin in Reading, MA for a location as it was nearby (we both live in Wakefield) and also because it was secluded. When photographing dogs, you want to has a little distractions as possible...that and a lot of treats! And boy did Erika come prepared. She was so sweet. I absolutely loved her and connected instantly with her. I could see the love she had for Lucky and it reminded me of my own love for my dog Decoy. She brought his favorite treats (steak and cheese!). When I asked if there was any special occasion for the photos, she said that he was turning 8 this year and that it is his golden birthday (August 8th and he's turning 8!). Plus she mentioned that she just really wanted to have some great photos of him. When she said that, I understood immediately. I literally was just thinking to myself earlier in the week "boy, I should really print some of my dogs photos and put them in an album, so I can really remember him". Not that he is that old, but it is just something dog lovers think about. 

Some people say "I picked my dog because I knew he was for me", but I'm a firm believer that a dog actually picks you. In Erika's and Lucky's case - I think they picked each other. Happy Birthday Lucky! It was great meeting you and I wish you and Erika a fabulous golden year :)