Julie - Class of 2016

Let me just start off by saying Julie was the perfect senior! She had her outfits ready and hair done...then when it came to posing - well she knew exactly what she was doing :) Posing people is the hardest part of doing a portrait session. Of course it helps if the client is comfortable in front of the camera and can pretty much pose naturally, but I really enjoy working with my clients to get that great shot. Plus I realize that many people are not that comfortable in front of the camera and get nervous for the shoot. So I really try and do my best to make everyone comfortable and have it be an easy experience. 

Anyways, Julie was amazing. She was such a sweet girl and I see so much potential in her future. She plans on applying to college soon. Although she's not entirely certain on what she wants to focus on, I know whatever she chooses she will succeed. Just like her confidence with the shoot, I know she will be confident in her future to come. Best of luck Julie! Hooray for Class of 2016!