Nicole - Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

Not only is this my first blog post, but it is my first Senior session of 2015. Granted, I have had several shoots with the Class of 2015, but this one may have been the most interesting! First of all, it was 35 degrees out. Second, there is still about 3 feet of snow on the ground. So, the biggest challenge was not necessarily what do you wear - but WHERE CAN WE SHOOT?! After a quick scout the day before, I found (thankfully) a few plowed areas in Wakefield MA. And by plowed, I mean it was clear enough to walk - or skate because it was basically a sheet of ice every where we went. But, I have to give it up to Nicole. She was so easy going and the snow, or the cold, did not seem to bother her one bit! Being a true New Englander, she rocked not only one dress, but two! Her goal is to go off to college into a nursing program. I know she will succeed because, well this she's got thick skin!