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We love spaces

and they should not be shamed with crappy photos.

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And cozy couches…

that make you want curl up and relax.

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But not before highlighting all the nooks and crannies…

because you worked so hard on creating them.

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And showcasing real life…

so your clients can envision theirs.

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While cramming yourself into a shower stall…

to capture one of the most amazing tubs ever.

 Are you ready to book this thing?

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What you get…


Mini Day: Amazing deal for a small area you want to highlight 1 room such as a new home office or family room.

  • Includes travel up to 30 miles from 01880

  • Image library with 10 high-resolution images selected from online gallery after shoot


Half Day: Perfect for renovation projects involving 2-3 or rooms/spaces.

  • Includes travel up to 30 miles from 01880

  • Image library with 20 high-resolution images selected from online gallery after shoot


Full Day: Great for high end residential projects involving more than 3 rooms, multi-building or dwelling projects such as two-families or campuses.

  • Includes travel up to 30 miles from 01880

  • Image library with 35 high-resolution images selected from online gallery after shoot

Does your contractor or finishing company want a license too?

I will add an additional 20% to the session for each party involved and everyone can split the final total.

What I do for Your Shoot

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 How I help…

First, I will chat with you to find out more about the space you need photographed. I like to know what you have envisioned, what shots you want, and ultimately how you plan on using those photos. From there, I will…

  • I create a shoot plan identifying what shots are your ‘must-haves’

  • While on location, I work with you to make sure we get those shots you desire most, allowing you to look at the back of the camera to make sure I get exactly what you want

  • I will also capture several detail shots that may not be on your must-haves. I find these are great for social media posts and also allow you to highlight some of the finer details of your work

  • Want to jump in on a few for some ‘behind the scenes’ - go ahead! Let’s make these images work for you!

  • Deliver high resolution images with commercial usage rights via online gallery for easy downloading. Does your client or contractor need a license? I can add an additional 20% to the final total for each additional party involved and everyone can split the final bill.


How You Can Use your Interior Photos?

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Website Portfolio

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Facebook & Instagram


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Can I tell you which shots I want?

Of course! I work with you prior to the shoot to come up with a shoot plan. I make sure I list out your must-have photos, and will ask you questions to make sure we don’t miss anything.

How can I use the images?

Your fee comes with a commercial usage license allowing you permission to use the photos on your website and social media outlets. Any magazines, contractors, or manufacturers interested in using the images should be referred to me to purchase a use license.

How will the images be delivered?

I use an protected online gallery for which you will be able to view and download your images!

What if I want more images than are included in the gallery?

No problem! Any images you want, beyond what is already included in your package is available to purchase at an additional rate.

My contractor wants to use the images for his website, is that okay?

They must purchase a license prior to using the images. You paid for the package, and therefore you receive a license. I do offer a discount if you need more than one license so please get in touch if you think you will need more than one license!

What is your style of shooting?

I love natural light…who doesn’t? So I generally try to avoid the use of flash if possible. That being said, sometimes there is just no avoiding it. I will aim to shoot the photos consistent with a bright clean look, with or without the use of flash.

How long does it take to receive my images?

Typically it takes 1-2 weeks. If you need the photos beforehand just let me know and I will try and accommodate special requests like that.

Can you get some action shots?

Yes! I would love to snap a few photos of you styling the room. These are great for social media!

What about props and styling?

Most of my clients are Interior Designers and love to style their space a specific way. However, if you need help styling I can talk more with you about your vision. I can invoice you for any additional props we may need to get the look your hoping for.

Do I have to credit your work when using the images online?

No, your license does not require credit when posting, but it is always appreciated!

Are there tiny magical unicorns that live in your camera performing all the magic?

Just wanted to see if you were still reading! But no, unfortunately unicorns are mythical creatures and it has taken me several years to perfect my craft.

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