This checklist helps us finalize the details on your wedding day and allows me to ensure the best photography services to you and your partner!


  • Bring a copy of your invitations to the bridal suite and both sets of rings - this is a wonderful detail to photograph. Also, shoes, jewelry, veil, etc. I like to take my time with this so it helps to have everything together before I arrive!

  • When considering your bridal suite (or where you are getting ready) think about things like lighting and environment. A small dark room will not provide great opportunity for a 'light & airy' feel to the photos. Large windows with lots of natural light are ideal! 

  • Clutter - please ensure the bridal suite is free of clutter (or as best you can!). Photographs are always better with less clutter. This also goes for the grooms or partner!

  • Make sure to inform family members ahead of time if they are to be included in the formal photos. That way they know where they need to be! I recommend 20 minutes for Family Formals at a minimum. 

  • Wedding Party Photos also take about 20 minutes minimum. 

  • Relax, stay calm, breathe. You've got this!

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
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Other Cell Phone for Backup Contact *
Other Cell Phone for Backup Contact
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Brides Parents Names
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Grooms Parents Names
Coverage Start Time *
Coverage Start Time
Coverage start and end times must be consistent with the contracted coverage amount.
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Reception Location
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If so, please describe where and when? Plan for approximately 20 minutes for the first look. Additional time is needed if more photos will be done after.
If so, please describe when those will be taken (after ceremony, before ceremony, etc.). I recommend 20 minutes for Family Formals, 20 Minutes for Wedding Party Photos and 20 Minutes with Bride and Groom alone.
Please list all the people you would like photos with. These will be taken during the time allotted for formal photos. (e.g Bride + Bride's Family, Groom + Groom's Family, Bride + Sisters, Groom + Newphews, etc.)
Reception Highlights *
Will you have the following?
Money Dance, Photo Slide Show, etc.