Jenn + Tim // Boston, MA Engagement Shoot

This shoot was by far one of my favorites. Mostly because it highlights some of the most wonderful spots in Boston to shoot - the Garden and Beacon Hill! 

While Jenn is from the Boston area, they both currently live down south. So they traveled to MA for their engagement session, which was also the first time I met them. It was great because I'm also shooting their wedding next year - so of course I was super excited to meet them! The weather actually wasn't too bad, considering we are in November! We walked around the garden, stopped in Beacon Hill to shoot on famous Acorn Street and then headed to her parents house where they have an amazing roof-deck just in time for sunset. 

Both Tim and Jenn were troopers and I had such a great time with them. I cannot wait for their wedding next year! Cheer to Jenn + Tim <3 


Cait + Tim // Lincoln, MA Engagement Session

This session was a blast! I had so much fun with Cait and Tim and seriously cannot wait to photograph their wedding next year.

So, sometimes couples don't enjoy being in front of the camera - and that is when I try to make it as fun as possible. Usually that means coming up with ways to make them laugh - telling stupid jokes or having them do stilly games....but after about 10 minutes into the shoot Tim was the one making me (and Cait laugh). It was great! 

Their session was held at the Minuteman National Park at the Hartwell Tavern. It is in Lincoln MA just outside the city of Boston. The leaves still had some wonderful color so I tried to take advantage of that. Plus their outfits were perfect. Future couples - take note! ;)

Cheers and Congratulations to Cait and Tim. Can't wait for next year! 

Decoy Turns 9 // Fiske Hill, Lexington MA

Yes, I'm that person who treats their dog like a child.

Decoy is my child. Well, furbaby to be exact. If you are a close friend of mine you know that I'm obsessed with him and this year he turned 9! Decoy became part of our family when he was just 8 weeks old. He was my christmas present from my husband (at the time we were still dating) and I immediately fell in love. 

After 9 years we know this: he loves pizza, peanut butter and long walks in the Middlesex Fells (no I'm not talking about my husband). 

So for his birthday this year, I wanted to do something different. He got a cheeseburger and loved it! Don't worry friends, he only ate one, not both shown in the photos. Although I bet he could have eaten both!  

So am I totally crazy or what? 

Summer Dog // Ipswich River Park, MA

Meet Summer!

She is a sweet labradoodle who lives across the street from me. She loves long walks around the lake, eating dinner promptly at 5PM, and will demand you pet her when she sees you. She has two human siblings who she adores (or tolerates) but getting alone time with mom is rare. So this shoot was heaven for her! Or maybe it was the treats she got for sitting, staying and running? Either way, I think she had a blast and I love how these turned out!


Anna + Steve // Salisbury, NH Wedding

Anna and Steve were married in Salisbury, NH on September 9, 2018. Their wedding was spectacular. Of course their venue was amazing, and their decor was perfect, but what stood out the most for me is the amount of love I felt from all their friends and family. Anna and Steve were so loved that day by friends and family who traveled near and far to witness their marriage. 

Their venue was Anna's childhood home. From what I learned, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making it a wedding venue that their guests could fall in love with and experience a perfect New England wedding. 

I really enjoyed being part of your special day and start of something new <3 

Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Mckeown!


Medeiros Family // Halibut State Park, MA

This is the fourth time I've worked with the Medeiros Family and honestly one of my favorites. They are the cutest family - with three amazing little girls who are just full of life and such a blast to photograph. 

This time we went to Halibut State Park in Gloucester, MA. It is an old quarry located right off the ocean - so you get some amazing views. We started at the quarry, then trekked down to the rocky shoreline where the girls were able to explore and enjoy the ending days of summer. 

I think my favorite part of this session was the way the girls just acted to natural. Sometimes just stepping back, while the girls be girls is just the best way to capture some real shots. 

I hope you enjoyed this shoot. It certainly will go down in the books as one of my favs!




Emma // Senior Styled Session, Wakefield MA

I've had an idea for a styled senior session for a while now, and this summer I made it happen. With the help of a few wonderful vendors and a beautiful model it all came together. My inspiration was 'vintage boho' and I think for the most part we nailed it. 

Emma - a Wakefield High School student who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her mom contacted me after I reached out to the Wakefield community for a volunteer model. While Emma isn't quite a senior, I really felt she would be a great model. Not to mention she has a personal interest in modeling, which is perfect!

Hair & Makeup by Christina Marini at Hair Candy - Christina nailed it with hair and makeup. I basically said "I'm going for vintage bo-ho" and she took that and ran with it. With loose curls and just the right amount of pop to her make-up Emma looked stunning. 


Instagram: @hairbychristinamarini

J'Adore Boutique - This upscale consignment shop provided two of the looks for this session. Michele, the owner is amazing. She was very excited to be involved in my little shoot and offered to provide some outfits and styling for Emma. After having Emma try on a few things we decided on the white dress to go along with the turquoise bike I already had, and the blue lace dress as a softer look that would complement Emma's skin tones beautifully. 




The Sweetbay Shop - I've worked with The Sweetbay Shop before and was hoping they wanted to be involved this time around. Lucky for me Liz was very excited to help out and provided a gorgeous floral crown. I wanted something simple and Liz suggested going with some greens and pop of white. It turned out amazing and worked great for the shoot. 





Bertone Girls // Old Silver Beach - Falmouth MA

This is my 4th year photographing the Bertone girls! Each year we go to the beach and capture them in their newest white dresses for some fun in the sun! This year we went to Old Silver Beach in Falmouth. The weather was perfect and the water was actually pretty warm (for New England standards). However, the beach was PACKED. Even at 4PM it was super busy. So I was careful in selecting a spot that would carve out a space of our own. I think it worked out pretty well!

If you don't know already, my favorite way to shoot is candidly. The Bertone girls nailed it for me. They love the beach - although I think their mom worries through the whole session about the undertow (which I can't necessarily blame her). So we keep a watchful eye, but just let them do them! 

It has been amazing watching them grow the past 4 years! They are becoming such amazing little humans :) 

Enjoy friends!

Spencer + Joe // Boston Engagement Session

Who doesn't love vintage bicycles, balloon, carousels, baby dachshunds, and a beautiful couple so happy in love?

Let me just say I'm obsessed with these two! Literally cannot wait to shoot their wedding next year! Spencer and I talked a lot about the engagement session and did a good amount of upfront planning. She showed me some photos for inspiration and told me some ideas on what she wanted...and I came up with a few great spots for them.

The Boston Common Frog Pond Carousel was the first stop, followed by the Paramount Theater, topped off with Post Office Square Park. The carousel worked out perfectly. I had scouted it out weeks prior to the date and was worried that there would be too many people around or that they would close it up (so you couldn't see the horses) after hours. But our plan to start at 6PM to catch the golden hour worked out perfectly as that is the time the carousel closed and NO ONE was on it!

Given their vintage inspiration, I recommended taking some photos in front of the Paramount Theater sign. We literally stood in the middle of the road (don't worry, my trusty husband assistant was there to warn us of oncoming traffic) and got some amazing shots. 

Lastly, the HIGHLIGHT of the evening was when we met her sister who brought their fubabies to join in the shoot. And these aren't just any furbabies - DOXIE furbabies. You all know I'm obsessed with DOXIES (I have one of my own) so I was gushing with happiness. We headed over to Post Office Square Park where I was able to capture the 4 of them in perfect family bliss. Sophia and Harley were amazing. I wanted to squeeze them right up! I also brought with me a vintage bicycle (yup, bought it just for shoots like this!) and it went so well with the whole feel of their shoot. I'm super happy they let me use it!

So cheers to Spencer and Joe - this session by far is one of my favorites. You two are amazing and did such a great job! I cannot wait to celebrate with you two in less than a year from now. Please tell Sophia and Harley hello from me and George! We loved them!